Current Families

We value our relationship and communication with families, as we serve as partners in the care of their children. Children feel more comfortable when they know their home and school are strongly connected. We encourage you to let us know anything that might help us in our work with your child. We maintain high standards and are dedicated to continuous quality improvement.
We appreciate your feedback and participation!

A doodle of a family of four walking down a path full of flowers while the dad carries the little boy on his shoulders and the mom pushes the baby carriage with the baby in it

You know your child and his/her abilities, interests and temperament best. We encourage you to share information with your child’s teachers each and every day. Perhaps something unusual happened at home or over the weekend that could affect your child’s mood or behavior. If you take a moment to mention these things when you drop your child off in the morning, our teachers will know to be help them develop healthy social-emotional skills and coping strategies.

Taking time to communicate and linger a bit at the pick up will also give our teachers a chance to share what they observed of your child during the day.
Working together to develop a habit of communicating, we believe, will result in many wonderful benefits for your child including:

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation on our part of your family’s unique ideals, culture, dreams and expectations for growth and maturity.

  • More attentiveness to your child’s development, growth and school readiness.

  • More awareness of developmentally appropriate practices for young children.

  • A greater satisfaction with your child’s care and Orlando Day’s early education program.

  • A healthier relationship between school and home.